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Ever heard of the Hotterdog, the Dog Fleece Jumper?

I am lucky enough to share my life with a gorgeous Working Cocker Spaniel named Billie. OK, I admit she doesn’t exactly “work”, not in the sense of chasing things out of bushes or retrieving dead things, but nevertheless she’s a damned active little dog who has perfected the art of diving to the bottom of rivers & lakes to retrieve whatever she can find. Over the years she has brought up enough old bricks and stones to construct a sizeable wall as well as the keys to a Mercedes Benz!  Sadly, I never located the car itself, but I’m still hoping that one day she’ll retrieve a medieval chalice or some other priceless artefact.

She’s 5 years old now and is my constant companion, 24/7. I never thought I’d consider a “coat” for her.  Coats were for wimps, for poodles, for dogs whose natural coats have been genetically bred out to no longer be water-resistant. But then I discovered the fabulous Hotterdog Fleece Dog Jumper, and what a find that proved to be.

The company who manufactures the Hotterdog started off making warm fleece coats for horses, but have since expanded into all sorts of ancillary products. The dog coat is amazing. I’m a professional dog walker and I was concerned that Billie, who loves nothing better than being wet all the time, would start feeling cold over the couple of hours she spends in the car between walks. I’d heard that Hotterdog coats are widely used to keep working dogs warm & dry in between shoots, so I thought I’d give one a try this past winter.

The coat is amazing – it somehow manages to wick out moisture from the dog’s coat and essentially dry it out over the course of an hour or so.  Amazingly, when you remove the fleece it’s never wet or soggy, just slightly moist on the inside where it’s been in contact with the dog’s coat. I haven’t tried it out in the summer yet, but I gather it can be used to keep dogs cool in hot weather by simply soaking it before use.

The fleece fabric is excellent quality Polartec, beautifully manufactured and comes in a range of colours to cater for both the extrovert and the more reserved hound.  It washes well and what’s more, it’s made in the UK, which is unusual these days. I’m a great believer in supporting British-made goods and I can wholeheartedly recommend the Hotterdog fleece coat.

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PS: My lovely Bille sporting the coat in red.  This model covers only front legs, but snug four-legged versions are available too. Bill seems to actually enjoy wearing the coat and eagerly shoves her head through the polo collar!






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