Get ready for the Easter week-end. Whether going for a walk on the beach or in the countryside, or simply shopping in town, make sure you are ready for all weathers with these nautical Joules coats and parkas,

PARKFIELD Womens Parka-style JacketPARKFIELD Womens Parka-style JacketSOUTHCOTE Womens Nautical Coat

You don’t have to own a dog to shop at Dog Walking Gear but, let’s face it, dog walking is one of the most common reasons we walk outdoors!
We all have to go out on cold & rainy days for many reasons, including to exercise our canine pals, but as long as we are well kitted out who cares about the weather? It’s so important to have the right outdoor gear. It can mean the difference between a soggy & miserable experience & a pleasurable and fun one. Buy the best dog walking gear here. We have also included a selection of “after walking” clothing, smart casuals, all geared to bring some sunshine to your day. The brands listed at Dog Walking Gear are among the best in the trade.
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Good shoes are our most popular choice for making the most of the weather. These are top quality Ladies Walking Boots Click for more details
Some walking shoes Timberland The North Face are “eco-conscious”, partly made of recycled products such as plastic bottles or recycled polyester. At a time when waste is often top of the agenda, it is encouraging to see fashion designers lead the way and use their creativity to help protect the environment.




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