Dog walking, it is all about dog walking!

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Dog Walking Gear is all about having the right gear when you walk your dog.

However, you don’t have to own a dog to visit Dog Walking Gear but, let’s face it, dog walking is one of the most common reasons we walk outdoors.
We all have to go out on cold and rainy days for many reasons, including to exercise our canine pals, but as long as we are well kitted out who cares about the weather? It is so important to have the right outdoor gear. It can mean the difference between a soggy and miserable experience and a pleasurable and fun one. Find the best dog walking gear here.
You will also find our blogs on subjects close to our heart in Gear Talk. From discussions on newly introduced Dog Laws to comments on accessories that can make a difference in your dog’s life and your life, we hope that our blogs will be of interest to you.

dogwalkinggear autumn is here

Gear for the Pro.

The number one accessory for a dog walker is a good pair of walking shoes or boots. Walking shoes should be comfortable, warm in winter and waterproof in all seasons, and I mean really waterproof! Continue reading



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 dogwalkinggear autumn is here