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You don’t have to own a dog to shop at Dog Walking Gear, but dog walking is one of the most common reasons we walk outdoors. We all have to go out at times on cold and rainy days for many reasons, including walking our dogs. As long as we use the right outdoor gear who cares about the weather?

We are a team of experienced dog walkers who are passionate about our dogs, enjoying the company of our canine companions and making sure that they have as fantastic a time with us as we do with them. We also appreciate how having the right walking gear can turn any outdoor experience into a great one. We hope you will find our site an invaluable source for outdoor gear and walking gear, for all seasons.  We also have a dog gear page, which you may find interesting. Our aim is to keep this website fresh, full of new and useful products and ideas, so do visit us on a regular basis.

We also like to talk, not just walk, so you will find our blogs on subjects close to our heart in Gear Talk. From discussions on newly introduced Dog Laws to comments on accessories that can make a difference in your dog’s life and your life, we hope that our blogs will be of interest to you.

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